Sunflower Honey 975g


Al-Tajy Honey Company, a leader in honey production in Turkey, specializes in producing all types of raw and organic honey, known for its high quality. Among their products is sunflower honey, known for its distinctive therapeutic properties:

  • Sunflower honey alleviates joint pain and inflammation.
  • Treats all diseases and problems affecting the blood vessels.
  • Enhances sexual potency and erection in men
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Sunflower Honey: A Natural and Original Product by Al-Tajy

Al-Tajy Company’s sunflower honey is 100% original and natural, with a diverse nutritional makeup, making it a beneficial dietary and therapeutic blend. It is an ideal choice for a variety of health conditions, such as:

  • Used as an expectorant and pain reliever for respiratory diseases.
  • Antibacterial due to its active compounds.
  • Prevents the formation of cancer cells.

Al-Tajy’s sunflower honey is unique in its nutritional properties, protecting you and your family from potential diseases.

Specifications of Aljy Sunflower Honey

  • Type: Sunflower Honey.
  • Available Weights: 975g / 475g.
  • Origin: Sunflower Flower.
  • Additives: None, as it is 100% raw natural honey.
  • Certification: Undergoes all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure quality and to prove that it is free from pesticide residues and medicinal traces.

Therapeutic Benefits of Sunflower Honey

Al-Tajy’s carefully made original sunflower honey has numerous health benefits for both adults and children, including:

  • Ideal for treating lung diseases.
  • Sunflower honey, rich in Vitamin E, prevents cell fibrosis.
  • Stops the widespread spread of free radicals in the human body.
  • Helps in releasing glycogen from the liver into the bloodstream.
  • Soothes the throat and is anti-cough.
  • Improves digestion and eases symptoms related to digestive issues like bloating and gas.
  • Alleviates joint pain and inflammation.
  • Treats vascular diseases.
  • Enhances male sexual function and erection.
  • Improves fertility and increases sperm production.
  • Improves female reproductive health and hormone balance.
  • Helps in relieving menstrual cycle symptoms.
  • Sunflower honey promotes the growth and development of children’s minds and bodies.
  • Enhances cellular regeneration and liver tissue health.
  • Aids in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart disease risks.
  • Promotes detoxification and blood purification.
  • Enhances sexual desire and performance in men and women. Features of Al-Taji’s Original Sunflower Honey

Al-Tajy’s sunflower honey is characterized by:

  • A light flavor and distinctive aroma.
  • High productivity and very beneficial.
  • 100% raw natural honey with ISO certification.
  • Undergoes all tests and laboratory procedures to prove its quality and purity.

Turkey’s Best Sunflower Honey

Choose Al-Tajy’s original sunflower honey in Turkey for its quality and purity, beneficial for enhancing your health and circulatory system.

How to Order Sunflower Honey

Don’t hesitate to order sunflower honey now via WhatsApp by clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen for direct customer service, or you can add the product to the basket.

Free Shipping for Al-Tajy’s Original Sunflower Honey

Benefit from the advantages of sunflower honey and enjoy the taste of natural honey by ordering Al-Tajy’s original sunflower honey in Turkey with free shipping for any invoice exceeding 400 Turkish Lira.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunflower Honey

Can children consume sunflower honey?

Children can consume sunflower flower honey as long as they are over one year old.

Is sunflower honey used in skincare?

Yes, sunflower honey contains moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable for skin care. It can be used as a face mask or a component in skincare products like creams, ointments, and soaps.

Remember, if you have an allergy to honey, avoid consuming it before consulting a doctor.

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