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Taji Honey is the original Turkish honey

Experience the Richness and Distinctive Flavour of Turkish Local Honey

At Al-Tajy Company, our commitment is to offer a wide range of Turkish honey varieties, including both common and rare types, at prices that are not only affordable but also competitive within our region and locally. We aspire to foster a community of beekeepers who can collaborate and share their knowledge, both within and beyond Turkey, to enhance the quality and authenticity of our honey.

Our team, composed of expert beekeepers and lab technicians, operates with the efficiency and harmony of a beehive to guarantee the utmost purity and clarity of our honey for our customers. Understanding honey’s medicinal and healing benefits, we ensure it’s free from any sugary impurities, therapeutic additives, or even traces of other honey types. This commitment allows you to enjoy the authentic taste of original local honey, completely unadulterated and natural.

About Us
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Our vision

In line with our vision at Tajy Honey, we strive to build a global brand that symbolizes quality and trust in various types of honey and bee products. Our goal is to become the first choice for those seeking 100% original and natural local honey, offering a unique tasting experience of natural Turkish honey.

Our mission

Tajy Honey: The Story from the Beginning

Ancestral Heritage Passed Down Through Generations

Our company began its journey with the first generation in Damascus in 1977. In 2014, we expanded by opening our second branch in Konya, Turkey. From there, we have spread across various regions in Turkey and distribute our honey globally, both regionally and internationally.

From the Nectar of Turkish Mountains and Plains

From the far east of Turkey, from the mountains of Van and Hakkari, through the plains of Anatolia and the Taurus mountains in central Turkey, to the forests along the Mediterranean coast, and the pastures of the Black Sea region, including the mountains of Trabzon, Anzer, and Rize… We bring you the essence of every flower right to your home!

Natural Bee Pastures Free from Chemicals

Our pastures are spread across medicinal plains like those of Zallouh, black seed, and Turkish Sidr, as well as high mountain altitudes reaching 2000 meters above sea level, and pastures of medicinal herbs such as lavender, wild thyme, and rosemary.

Royal Jelly Facilities with Global Standards

Our company has established a special apiary for the production of local royal jelly in Bursa, producing local royal jelly with an enzyme specification ranging from 2.4 to 2.8, one of the highest levels in the world.

Local Partnerships Across Turkey

At Tajy Honey, we have a network of 30 local beekeeping specialists distributed across 300 villages and cities in Turkey, capable of managing up to 20,000 hives, to exchange expertise and secure all types of natural Turkish honey.

Specialized Laboratories for Honey Testing

We have equipped the Taji Honey facility with a comprehensive laboratory for honey testing with precise instruments like the HPLC for sugar analysis in honey, ELIZA for testing therapeutic residues, and HMF packing tests, along with microscopic studies of pollen grains.

Pasteurization and Sterilization System for Medical and Therapeutic Honey

Our laboratories are equipped with an ULTRASOUND pasteurization system for filtering and sterilizing honey for medical and therapeutic uses in pharmaceutical and food laboratories that require honey of the highest purity levels.

More about us

From Damascus to the plains of Anatolia

In 1997, we established our first beehive and produced our initial harvest of pure honey. From that date onward, the journey of Tajy Honey began!

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Why Tajy?

Decades of Expertise Passed Down Through Generations

Established in Damascus in 1977, Al-Tajy Company experienced its second major launch in 2014 in Konya, Turkey. This expansion marked the beginning of its widespread growth, both locally and internationally.

Specialized Laboratories for Honey Purity

Al-Tajy Company conducts over 22 laboratory tests to determine the purity of honey from sugars and therapeutic residues, and the clarity of the honey type from any foreign pollen dust. They employ a specialized pasteurization system for filtering and sterilizing the honey.

Honey Meeting Global Nutritional Standards

Al-Tajy honey undergoes rigorous international testing prior to export, ensuring its compliance with food standards across the world for companies and brands that incorporate honey into their products.

Consumer Confidence and Global Markets

Al-Tajy Company exports its products to over 20 countries worldwide and locally distributes its products through more than 300 retail outlets in Turkey, making it the largest specialized supplier of honey, its products, and associated goods in the Middle East and the Arab region.

Top-Quality Honey at Competitive Rates

Al-Tajy Company is dedicated to its goal of offering authentic, premium-quality honey at the most competitive prices, ensuring accessibility to all sectors of society.

International Quality Certifications for Honey

Al-Tajy’s authentic honey has received numerous global certifications, such as the ISO 22000 quality certification, the Turkish Quality Certificate, and also the Organic Certification for organic products.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Customer Testimonials

Your genuine honey is a superior product with outstanding packaging. More importantly, since I started consuming it, I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my health. May God bless and guide you.

Mohammad Al-Ganeem


I me very pleased to engage with you and explore your outstanding products known for their value and quality. Thank you for offering this level of excellence. Wishing you success and prosperity. May God reward you with blessings.

Ahmad Alhussein

Saudi Arabia

After three years of being your customer, you stand out as the best. Your honey is pure and of top-notch quality, while your high credibility reflects dedication and commitment in your work. I pray for blessings upon your business, and may your prosperity grow.

Noha Al-Abdullah


I’m delighted to share my opinion about your honey, which I found delicious and exceptionally high-quality. May it be blessed, and I eagerly anticipate your ongoing special offers.

Khalid Bader-Alden


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