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Technology for the Benefit of Honey

Quality and authenticity serve as the foundation of our mission to introduce Turkish honey to the global market. However, we understand that authenticity alone isn’t enough to achieve the exceptional quality we aim for. That’s why we’re taking a proactive step by establishing Al-Tajy Honey Laboratories.

We’ve made significant investments in outfitting our Al-Tajy Honey facilities with a specialized, state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to honey testing. Here, we conduct more than 22 laboratory tests to ensure the purity and clarity of our honey and other bee-related products.

Nutritional Sugar Testing

We analyze sugar percentage using an HPLC device, known for its high precision in testing. This allows us to ensure that honey is free from any sugar-based additives that could compromise its quality. The test’s accuracy reaches 1-100,000.

Residue Testing

We conduct tests using an ELISA device to provide pure, natural honey, completely free from antibiotics and any residual substances that could be harmful to consumers. This guarantees the delivery of 100% organic honey, devoid of pesticides or bee treatment chemicals.

Microscopic Pollen Examination

We meticulously examine pollen particles to classify honey and confirm its floral origin. This enables us to offer honey varieties with exceptional purity, reaching up to 100%. Consequently, we ensure there’s no blending of different honey types among themselves or with other bee products.

Quality Assurance During Packaging

We maintain a continuous quality check on honey throughout the packaging process, conducting HMF tests to verify that the honey hasn’t been exposed to excessive heat that might compromise its nutritional value and benefits.

Pasteurization system for honey filtration and sterilization

We’ve equipped Al-Taji Honey facilities with an ULTRASOUND pasteurization system for honey filtration and sterilization, especially for medical and pharmaceutical purposes in pharmaceutical and food laboratories. These industries demand honey with the highest level of sterility.

Differentiating Authentic Honey from Counterfeit Using Laboratory Analysis

Al-Tajy Honey Laboratories
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Transparency in our Testing

Our Honey's Secrets Unveiled

We proudly display all the results of our laboratory analyses for our products on our website. Our valued customers can easily access information about the honey’s moisture content, its enzyme levels, such as proline and diastase, and verify its purity and compliance with global standards for raw, organic, and filtered honey.

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