Plains of Konya Apiaries

Elegant Taji beehives are spread across the green plains of Konya, where fresh spring flowers are blooming. As dawn breaks, the bees rush towards the nectar of the flowers in a coordinated group dance. Inside the hives, worker bees work diligently to transform nectar into golden honey. The honey is packed in elegant glass containers bearing the company’s logo, so that it reaches the markets soft and fresh. Al-Taji Company attaches great importance to the sustainability of production, as it distributes beehives among fruitful orchards to provide a safe habitat for active bees. Al-Taji Company also attaches utmost importance to providing the best level of health and preventive care for bees, relying on the latest advanced technologies and equipment. This harmony between the beauty of nature and the precision of manufacturing results in a natural Turkish honey of distinct flavor and quality, carrying the scent of fruit orchards in picturesque Konya.

Plains of Konya ApiariesPhotos

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