Date Palm Pollen 10g


Tajy offers Date Palm Pollen

  • It is subjected to all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure its quality and absence of insecticides and therapeutic residues by the best international specifications.
  • The product is ISO-certified for quality.
  • 100% natural powder.
Categories: Hive Products

Specifications and Benefits of Date Palm Pollen 10g

  • Free from traces of insecticides and therapeutic residues.
  • Subjected to all laboratory analyses to guarantee its quality.
  • ISO certified for quality.
  • Meets the best international specifications.

Date Palm Pollen: The best bee products in Turkey

Enjoy Date Palm Pollen, one of the best bee products in Turkey. It is manufactured with modern and advanced technologies to preserve all nutritional elements and health benefits.

Choose 10g Date Palm Pollen from Tajy Honey

Choose 10g Date Palm Pollen from Tajy Honey and enjoy a unique taste and unparalleled benefits. We guarantee a natural and pure product that meets and exceeds your expectations because you always deserve the best.

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