Liquid Propolis 20ml


Discover purity and quality in Liquid Propolis – 20ml – from the original Tajy Honey!

Enrich your body and mind with the unique and concentrated aromas of Aqua Propolis,

  • Extracted from the heart of the stunning and pure nature in Turkey, where each drop embodies quality and purity.
  • 100% natural.
  • Subject to all laboratory analyses.
Categories: Hive Products

Specifications of 20ml Natural Liquid Propolis

  •  100% natural raw honey.
  •   Subject to precise laboratory analyses to ensure quality.
  •  Free from chemical substances and impurities.
  •     ISO certified for quality.

Enjoy the benefits of 20ml Turkish Liquid Propolis

Now available at Tajy Honey, the best bee product Propolis with a capacity of 20ml, combines great taste and numerous health benefits, making it your perfect choice for maintaining health and increasing activity.

Choose the original, 20ml Liquid Propolis from Tajy Honey!

Don’t settle for imitations, always choose the original product from Tajy Honey, where we guarantee unmatched quality and purity in every drop, with a unique and unforgettable experience

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