Pollen 200g


Tajy Honey Company presents its unique product of pollen

  • Subjected to all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure its quality, freedom from pesticide residues and medicinal remnants, and compliance with the best international standards.
  • The product has received an ISO quality certification
  • 100% natural honey.
Categories: Hive Products

Shop for the Best Pollen in Turkey

Pollen is considered the best in Turkey, known for its many benefits and features, ensuring its prominence on the list of the world’s most crucial honey.

Benefits of Consuming Pollen for Adults and Children

The most significant benefits of pollen for adults and children are:

  • Maintaining liver health.
  • Boosting immunity with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhancing a child’s development and protecting them from infections.
  • Fighting cancer cells.

Features of the Original Pollen from Tajy

Key features of the original pollen in Turkey:

  • Tajy Company’s pollen product is authentic and free from impurities.
  • Pollen from Tajy Company is subject to all laboratory analyses, proving it to be pure and ideal.
  • Pollen in Turkey is free from any medicinal residues or pesticides.
  • Used innovatively in producing “bee bread” with an authentic flavor.

Order Original Pollen from Tajy Company

Order the original pollen and all types of Turkish honey from Tajy Company directly from the website by adding the product to the basket or clicking the WhatsApp icon to order now.

Free Shipping for the Best Original Pollen from Tajy

Choose the best original pollen from Taji Company directly and get free shipping within Turkey for orders over 400 Turkish Lira.

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