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Fresh Sidr Honey

Savor the authentic sweetness of Sidr with every spoonful. A genuine taste derived from the nectar of Turkish forests.

Sidr honey

Strengthening Blends for Married Couples

Rediscover your vitality with genuine ginseng and royal jelly. This blend combines nuts with Turkish honey

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Authentic Turkish
Mountain Honey

Natural Organic
Honey 100%

Genuine Turkish honey at retail and wholesale prices.

Honey and Bee Products

The newest products from genuine Tajy


Honey Products from Tajy

Finest Varieties of Turkish Honey and Authentic Bee Products.

Discover the types of Turkish honey We produce!

Honey Offers from Tajy

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Each drop of Tajy honey encapsulates the nectar of a thousand Turkish flowers. Explore the Al-Tajy farms and relish tasting the most exquisite, genuine natural honey varieties.


Customer Testimonials

Your genuine honey is a superior product with outstanding packaging. More importantly, since I started consuming it, I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my health. May God bless and guide you.

Mohammad Al-Ganeem


I me very pleased to engage with you and explore your outstanding products known for their value and quality. Thank you for offering this level of excellence. Wishing you success and prosperity. May God reward you with blessings.

Ahmad Alhussein

Saudi Arabia

After three years of being your customer, you stand out as the best. Your honey is pure and of top-notch quality, while your high credibility reflects dedication and commitment in your work. I pray for blessings upon your business, and may your prosperity grow.

Noha Al-Abdullah


I’m delighted to share my opinion about your honey, which I found delicious and exceptionally high-quality. May it be blessed, and I eagerly anticipate your ongoing special offers.

Khalid Bader-Alden


More about us

From Damascus to the plains of Anatolia

In 1997, we established our first beehive and produced our initial harvest of pure honey. From that date onward, the journey of Tajy Honey began!

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Unveiling honey Secret.....The story from the start.


From the mountains of Eastern Turkey to the plains of Anatolia and the forests along the Mediterranean coast, in every city, within every flower, there lies a tale, completed by the flavor of genuine Turkish honey.


100% pure honey

We make sure that our honey is tested and free of any traces of therapeutic substances in our laboratories.

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Honey Encyclopedia

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