Turkish Sidr Honey 700g – Wooden Package


Al Tajy presents its unique Turkish Sidr Honey, extracted from the cedar or Sidr trees that surround Al Tajy’s beehives located in Afyon in Turkey.

  • This product is packaged in a luxurious wooden box.
  • 100% Natural
  • Subject to all laboratory tests

Turkish Sidr Honey 700g through Al-Tajy 

In Afyon, Turkey, this authentic natural honey is extracted from Beehives nourished by the Meadows of Turkish Sidr Trees, boasting a distinctive taste, flavor, and aroma. Turkish honey is considered among the finest types of honey, as it is not just ordinary honey but a source of strength and support for your health.

unmatched benefits of Sidr Honey 

It contains a high level of antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and protect it from diseases. It is a nerve and liver tonic and protects you from fatigue.

It also resists premature aging and protects you from cancer. More benefits cannot be enumerated; they support your overall health.

Shop for authentic Sidr Honey in Turkey

The Turkish Al Tajeeh Honey Company offers Sidr honey in a luxurious wooden box that reflects the elegance and distinction it possesses. However, is it suitable for everyone? Unfortunately, it is not recommended for children under one-year-old and is not suitable for people with allergies.

Price of 700g Sidr Honey in Turkey

Since we are the manufacturer, our prices are always the most competitive in Turkey. We do not import our honey; we have our beehives, which makes our prices affordable for everyone. Get 700g of Sidr honey in Turkey and enjoy its benefits without incurring any additional costs with the free shipping we offer if your invoice exceeds 400 Turkish liras.

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