White Honey 450g


Al-Tajy Honey Company Presents Its Distinguished White Mountain Honey Product

  • Subject to all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure its quality and its freedom from traces of insecticides and medicinal residues.
  • Conforming to the best international specifications.
  • The product has obtained the ISO quality certification.
Categories: Turkish honey
Weight100 kg
Dimensions2 × 4 × 5 cm

White Honey from Al-Tajy: A Superior Choice in Turkey

The white honey in Turkey offered by Al-Tajy Company is renowned for being genuine and boasts numerous benefits and features that make it highly sought-after. Its quality and therapeutic properties add to its appeal.

Benefits of Consuming White Honey for Adults and Children

White honey is rich in benefits for both adults and children:

  • It contains a high amount of antioxidants that play a vital role in maintaining skin vitality and reducing wrinkles.
  • Helps in hydrating the skin and protecting it from pigmentation.
  • Beneficial in treating various urinary tract diseases.
  • Original white honey from Al-Tajy Company is an effective regulator of blood sugar.

Features of the Original White Honey from Al-Tajy Company

The original white honey from Al-Tajy Company comes with several features:

  • Al-Tajy white honey is ISO-certified for quality.
  • It is authentic and pure, free from impurities or artificial additives.
  • It’s a complete substitute for white sugar.
  • Free from any medicinal residues or pesticides.

Ordering Original White Honey from Al-Tajy Company

Ordering the original Turkish white honey through Al-Taji Company’s website is straightforward. You can add the product to your shopping bag or click on the WhatsApp button to place your order directly.

Free Shipping for Original White Honey from Al-Tajy

Order the best original white honey from Al-Taji Company directly and benefit from the store’s features, like free and fast shipping in Turkey for orders over 400 Turkish Lira, in addition to ongoing offers and discounts.

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