Children’s Honey


Create healthy food for your children with 450g of Al-Tajy’s original Children’s Honey! This premium product comes directly from Al-Tajy’s farms in Turkey, where bee products are of the highest quality.

  • 100% raw, natural honey.
  • Subjected to comprehensive laboratory analyses confirming it is natural honey, free from pollutants and chemical residues.
  • ISO certified.
Categories: Turkish honey

Specifications of Natural Children’s Honey 450g

  • 100% natural honey.
  • Subjected to precise laboratory analyses.
  • Free from chemical substances and impurities.
  • ISO certified for quality.
  • Weight: 450g.

Children’s Honey – Among the Best Bee Products in Turkey

Discover the benefits of Children’s Honey, one of the best bee products in Turkey! This honey is a rich source of energy and vitamins, making it an ideal choice for children to support their growth and development.

Choose 450g Children’s Honey from Al-Tajy Honey

Choose 450g Children’s Honey from Al-Tajy Honey for a unique taste and unparalleled health benefits! This honey is distinguished by its purity and high quality, ensuring the best of natural honey.

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