Cotton Honey 975g


Al-Tajy Honey Company offers its distinguished product of cotton honey, extracted from the cotton plant flower, which is widely spread in the southeastern regions of Turkey. This honey is used in numerous health conditions, including:

  • Increases bone density and promotes children’s body growth.
  • Boosts the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Enhances the production of red blood cells.
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Weight1 kg

White Cotton Honey from Al-Tajy – 100% Natural

Al-Tajy Global Honey Company offers its unique and world-class product of cotton honey, subjected to comprehensive laboratory analyses to ensure its quality, free from traces of pesticides and medicinal residues, and conforming to the highest international standards. The product has also earned ISO certification for quality. Al-Tajy Global Honey Company provides a broad range of raw and organic honey.

Cotton Flower Honey What is Cotton Honey?

Cotton honey is a unique type of honey produced when bees gather nectar from cotton flowers. Cotton farms are renowned for providing a rich nectar source for bees during the flowering season, resulting in honey with distinctive characteristics.

Specifications of Al-Tajy’s Original Cotton Honey

  • Available Weights: 975 g/ 475 g, 7 kg, 27 kg
  • Origin: Cotton Flower.
  • Additives: None, as Al-Tajy’s cotton honey is 100% raw and natural.
  • Certification: Laboratory-certified to be free from pesticide residues and medicinal traces.
  • Color of Cotton Flower Honey: Typically ranges from transparent white to light yellow and may slightly vary depending on the environment in which the cotton plant grows and the processing of the honey post-extraction.
  • Texture: Cotton honey has a sticky, slightly thick texture that becomes denser when cooled or crystallized.
  • Scent: Often light and sweet, with floral notes indicative of its cotton flower origin.
  • Taste: Al-Tajy’s white cotton honey is characterized by a light, moderately sweet flavor with floral undertones reflecting its origin.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cotton Honey

Cotton honey is a natural type of honey known for its various health benefits, including:

  • High in calcium, aiding in children’s body growth.
  • A Turkish honey that boosts hemoglobin levels in the blood, enhancing red blood cell production.
  • Treats anemia.
  • Detoxifies the kidneys and treats liver diseases.
  • Improves the health of the digestive system and treats stomach ulcers.
  • Notably beneficial for men in treating prostate enlargement.
  • Eliminates respiratory issues like asthma.
  • Alleviates joint pain and treats rheumatic inflammations.
  • Prevents strokes and heart attacks, and improves heart function.
  • Supports overall and sexual health in men, enhancing physical and mental performance.
  • Helps in improving skin health and reducing menstrual cycle-related symptoms.
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in soothing gastrointestinal disorders.
  • With its antibacterial and moisturizing properties, cotton honey can be used as part of a daily skincare routine to enhance skin appearance and vitality.

Important to note:

  • Cotton honey should not be given to infants under one year of age.
  • Not suitable for use by individuals with allergies.

Features of Original Cotton Honey from Al-Tajy Company

Al-Tajy Company in Turkey offers one of the best types of natural honey, which is characterized by several features:

  • Turkish cotton honey is known for its pleasant scent, distinctive taste, and light density.
  • Contains several nutritional elements making it one of the best types of natural honey.
  • Original cotton honey does not contain a high percentage of grape sugar (glucose) and fructose.
  • Subjected to all necessary laboratory analyses, confirming its purity and being free from any traces of pesticides and medicinal residues.
  • 100% natural honey with ISO certification. How to Order Original Cotton Honey

How to Order Original Cotton Honey

Hurry up and order the original cotton honey from Al-Tajy Company directly by adding the product to the basket, or through customer service by clicking on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the screen.

Free Shipping for Original Cotton Honey from Al-Tajy

Experience the finest honey by choosing Al-Taji Company’s original cotton honey, which offers a distinguished and luxurious selection of raw honey, and benefit from free shipping for any invoice exceeding 400 Turkish Lira.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cotton Bee Honey and Its Benefits

Does cotton bee honey contain natural antibiotics?

Indeed. Cotton flower honey contains a variety of natural compounds that possess antibacterial properties such as flavonoids, organic acids, bactericidal peptides, and enzymes. These agents contribute to the honey’s ability to fight bacteria and maintain overall health.

Does cotton honey have a soothing effect on the throat and pharynx?

Cotton honey is gentle on the throat and pharynx and has a soothing effect due to its moisturizing and calming properties, which help alleviate irritation and inflammation in the throat.

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