Pine Honey 975g


Natural Pine Honey from Al-Tajy Honey Company is 100% original and natural, with a diverse nutritional composition that makes it both a dietary and therapeutic blend, ideal for a wide range of health conditions including:

  • Used as an expectorant and pain reliever for respiratory diseases.
  • Antibacterial due to its active compounds.
  • Prevents the formation of cancer cells.

Pine honey from the Al-Tajy family is unique in its nutritional properties, protecting you and your family from potential diseases.

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The Best Pine Honey in Turkey from Al-Tajy

With its delightful taste and unique aroma, Al-Tajy has gathered the rare pine honey for you. Turkey leads in its production from the green pine forests of Anatolia, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean mountains, carefully and with unmatched laboratory quality.

Composition of Al-Tajy’s Original Pine Honey

The high nutritional value of pine honey comes from its rich composition of minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and copper. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes, it is an ideal food for athletes, children, and people with intense physical and mental activities. With a low sugar and glucose content, it is suitable for all age groups.

Characteristics of Turkish Pine Honey

Compared to traditional floral honey, pine honey has a unique smell and taste. It is less sweet, with slow crystallization due to its low fructose and glucose content. Its distinctive color varies from dark yellow to light brown, depending on the production period.

Benefits of Pine Honey for Adults and Children:

Pine honey is a true storehouse of medicinal properties, officially recognized by conventional medicine for its numerous benefits:

  • Used to treat acute viral respiratory infections, all types of tonsillitis, and bronchitis.
  • Stimulates the clearance of phlegm from the lungs, inhibits pathogenic bacteria, and eases cough, pain, and swelling.
  • Its cholagogue and diuretic properties treat urinary tract, kidney, and bile duct diseases.
  • Used in cases of anemia due to its high selenium and iron content.
  • Enhances body defenses and strengthens immunity.
  • Slows down the body’s aging process and prolongs its youth.
  • Turkish honey aids relaxation and sleep.
  • Contains antioxidants that fight cancer cells.
  • Reduces acne caused by hormonal imbalances or constipation.
  • Helps in improving open skin pores and healing wounds.
  • Provides energy due to its composition of unrefined natural sugars.
  • Treats vaginal yeast infections.
  • Strengthens the body’s immunity.
  • A natural and important treatment for pregnant women and their fetuses is a rich source of minerals and vitamins.

Despite honey being consumable by most people, there are cases where it is not recommended:

  • Children under the age of one.
  • People with allergies.
  • Those on a low-carbohydrate diet.

Features of Al-Tajy’s Turkish Pine Honey

Here are the main features of Al-Tajy’s original pine honey:

  • Pine honey from Al-Tajy is genuine and pure.
  • It is one of the finest types of honey, holding an ISO quality certification.
  • Pine honey is free from impurities or medicinal residues.
  • Available in different sizes at Al-Tajy Company.
  • Undergoes comprehensive laboratory analyses. Order the Best Pine Honey in Turkey from Al-Taji

You can order the original pine honey from Al-Taji directly through the website by adding your desired product to the basket, or by clicking on the WhatsApp icon and ordering directly.

Free Shipping for Pine Honey from Al-Tajy

Seize the opportunity now and order the original pine honey from Al-Taji directly, and get free shipping if your bill exceeds 400 Turkish Lira.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Benefits of Turkish Pine Honey

Is pine honey safe for children?

Pine honey consists of natural products and is free from any chemicals, making it safe for children over the age of one and effectively contributing to their growth and strengthening their immunity.

What is the price of Turkish pine honey?

The selling price of pine honey depends on several criteria, the most important being the weight of the package, production period, annual production rate, and so on.

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