Sunflower Honey 475g


At Al-Tajy, we are proud to be on the list of the best companies producing honey with international specifications, including our product, Sunflower Honey, which is extracted in a completely natural way aimed at retaining its properties and nutritional value. Its benefits include:

  • Helps in releasing glycogen from the liver into the bloodstream.
  • Sunflower honey has soothing properties for the throat and is anti-cough
  • Improves digestion and alleviates symptoms associated with digestive problems.
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Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions16 cm

The Best Sunflower Honey from Al-Tajy: A Natural Remedy

Al-Tajy Company offers its distinctive product, natural sunflower honey, with anti-bacterial properties effective against many diseases,

A strong and balanced honey filled with vitamins and minerals.

Specifications of Sunflower Honey from Al-Tajy

  • Subjected to all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure quality and to prove that it is free from insecticide residues and medicinal traces.
  • Natural sunflower flower honey is available in weights of 975 g / 475 g.
  • Contains no additives, it is 100% raw and natural honey.
  • Certified to be free from insecticide residues and medicinal traces.
  • Awarded the ISO certificate for quality to meet international standards. Benefits of Sunflower Honey
  • Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, beneficial in fighting infections and promoting healing.
  • Used to alleviate respiratory and throat inflammations.
  • Treats cough and throat infections.
  • Enhances overall health and helps protect the body from diseases.
  • Sunflower honey eases digestive problems like acidity and bloating.
  • A natural source of energy and natural sugars.
  • Helps increase energy levels in the body.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and potassium that enhance skin and hair health.
  • Beneficial in improving heart and cardiovascular health.
  • Has calming properties for nerves and can be used to reduce stress levels and improve sleep.
  • Used in several natural recipes for skin and hair care.
  • Turkish honey for treating lung diseases.
  • Not recommended for children under one-year-old.
  • Not advised for consumption by individuals with allergies.

Order Sunflower Flower Honey from Al-Tajy

Shop Sunflower Honey in Turkey through Al-Tajy Company and get the original honey with optimal quality. Renew your energy, improve your mood, and don’t worry about the shipping details, as your order will reach your home immediately and for free inside Turkey when your invoice exceeds 400 Turkish Lira.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of sunflower honey?

The shelf life of sunflower flower honey depends on several factors, including storage methods and surrounding conditions. Generally, sunflower honey has a relatively long shelf life due to its anti-bacterial properties.

What does sunflower honey taste like?

The taste of sunflower honey is very strong and distinctive, slightly acidic but without any harshness.

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