Ajram Honey 7 kg


Tajy is the world’s foremost honey producer from natural sources across Turkish lands. Ajram Honey, provided by Tajy, is one of the finest aromatic honey available, distinguished by its therapeutic properties, including:

  • It boosts the immune system and fights inflammation.

  • Aids in cough and chest congestion treatment.

  • Assists in improving prostate health.

You won’t know fatigue or sluggishness anymore; change and order Ajram Honey from Tajy to experience the difference.

Weight7 kg

Tajy International Honey Company offers a wide range of raw and organic honey. Ajram Honey from Tajy is globally recognized as the first-choice honey, produced from regions where Ajram shrubs grow. It is renowned for its nourishing properties and therapeutic benefits against various diseases.

Features of Tajy Ajram Honey 7 kg:

What makes Tajy Ajram Honey the top choice among other honey types are several distinguishing features one seeks when purchasing honey for oneself and loved ones. These features promote vitality and health. The most important features include:

  1. Carefully Extracted from the Nectar of Ajram Flowers: These flowers are known for their abundant aromatic oils, which attract bees.

  2. Tajy Ajram Honey is one of the best types of natural honey.

  3. Tajy Ajram Honey undergoes rigorous testing to prove it is 100% natural and free from pesticide residues.

  4. Authentic Ajram Honey complies with international specifications and holds ISO certification.

What are the benefits of Ajram Honey?

  1. Reduces heart attack and stroke risk.

  2. Ajram Honey is a healthy and natural alternative to sugar in the diet.

  3. Ajram Blossom Honey acts as an expectorant and anti-asthmatic.

  4. Supports soft tissues and bone health, especially in women.

  5. A practical and natural remedy for rheumatism and arthritis.

  6. One of the benefits of Ajram Honey is that it treats throat inflammation and irritation.

  7. Possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties.

  8. Soothes and improves digestive functions.

  9. Used in minor burns and skin surgeries.

  10. It enhances the immune system and combats inflammation.

  11. It helps treat coughs and chest congestion.

  12. Promotes digestion and weight management.

  13. It protects against prostate inflammation, one of Ajram Honey’s benefits.

  14. Turkish Ajram Honey treats kidney and urinary tract infections.

  15. Contributes to improving brain function and memory.”

Please note that while these are potential benefits associated with Ajram Honey, individual experiences may vary. It’s critical to consult with a healthcare professional for specific health concerns or conditions.

Tajy ensures you obtain the finest, pure, natural Ajram Honey in Turkey, distinguished by numerous health benefits and high nutritional value. We have taken extensive care to subject it to strict laboratory standards during production, ensuring its purity and quality.

Shop Ajram Honey Wholesale in Turkey

If you are looking for natural honey that provides health and energy to your body, order authentic Ajram Honey from the Tajy Company in Turkey. We are known for the quality of our products and punctuality, as well as the option of free shipping within Turkey when your invoice reaches 400 Turkish Liras or more. You can place your order through the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the screen or by adding the product to your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Ajram Honey for heart health?

Ajram Honey contains antioxidants that combat damage from free radicals and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also improve cholesterol and blood lipid levels, reducing the chances of fat deposits forming in the arteries.

However, you should consult a doctor before using it to receive the necessary recommendations for your specific condition.

What is the effect of Ajram Honey on skin health and aging signs?

Ajram Blossom Honey improves skin health, delaying aging signs. It contains various active compounds, such as natural antibiotics and antioxidants, that promote skin health and improve appearance.

However, there are some points to consider:

Avoid consuming honey if you have an allergy to honey or experience symptoms such as skin rashes or difficulty breathing. It is not recommended for infants under one year.”

While Ajram Honey has potential benefits, individual experiences may vary. It’s imperative to consult with a healthcare professional for specific health concerns or conditions.

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