Ziziphus Honey 7 kg


Discover the beauty of natural Ziziphus honey with its unique therapeutic properties from Al-Tajy, a company with a rich heritage in producing high-quality Ziziphus flower honey gathered from pristine regions in Turkey. This honey offers numerous health benefits, such as:

  1. It supports the immune system and increases disease resistance.

  2. It soothes the digestive system and improves digestion.

  3. Assists in lowering blood pressure.

Choose Ziziphus honey from Al-Tajy and explore nature’s health-promoting properties.

Weight7 kg

Ziziphus Honey from Al-Tajy: A Natural Gift

Al-Tajy International Honey Company offers a wide range of raw and organic honey. Ziziphus honey from Al-Tajy is globally renowned for its nutritious properties and therapeutic benefits for various health conditions.

Features of Al-Tajy Ziziphus Honey (7 kg):

What makes Al-Tajy Ziziphus honey your first choice among other types of honey are its several unique features that you seek when buying honey for yourself and your loved ones. Some of these features include:

  1. Carefully extracted from the nectar of Ziziphus flowers.
  2. Ziziphus honey is one of the best types of pure raw honey.
  3. Al-Tajy Ziziphus Honey meets international standards and is ISO-certified.
  4. Subjected to rigorous testing to confirm its 100% natural origin and absence of pesticide residues.

What are the Benefits of Ziziphus Honey?

Ziziphus honey offers numerous health benefits, including:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties due to its rich content of phenolic compounds and flavonoids.
  2. Preventing acid reflux and improving digestion by coating the stomach and esophagus, inhibiting harmful bacteria.
  3. Boosting energy as a natural source of energy and promoting physical activity.
  4. Supporting the nervous system, reducing anxiety and tension.
  5. Effective in treating severe throat infections, congestion, and various ear, nose, and throat conditions.
  6. Significant improvement in stomach inflammations and various digestive and intestinal diseases.
  7. Relief from menstrual pain for women.
  8. Prevention of angina and respiratory diseases like whooping cough and asthma.
  9. Anti-aging benefits due to its high content of vitamins H and C and phenolic carbolic acid.
  10. Reducing the severity and duration of diarrhea, making it beneficial for children.
  11. Supporting the immune system and increasing resistance to diseases.
  12. Soothing the digestive system and improving digestion.
  13. Lowering blood pressure.
  14. Treating colds and high fever.

However, it’s important to avoid using Ziziphus honey in the following cases:

  1. It is not recommended for children under one year of age.
  2. Avoid consumption by individuals with allergies.

Al-Tajy Ziziphus Honey (7 kg) – The Best in Turkey

With Al-Tajy in Turkey, you will receive the best natural, high-quality honey with numerous health benefits and nutritional value. We ensure its purity and quality through strict laboratory testing during production.

Shop Ziziphus Honey Wholesale in Turkey

If you’re looking for natural honey that provides health and energy, order authentic Ziziphus honey from Al-Tajy in Turkey. We take pride in the quality and accuracy of our products, as well as timely delivery. Plus, we offer free shipping within Turkey for orders totaling 400 Turkish Lira or more. You can order through the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the screen or by adding the product to your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ziziphus Honey and Its Benefits

What are the main nutritional components of Ziziphus honey?

The natural sugars include glucose and fructose, vitamins and minerals like vitamins C and B, potassium, and calcium. It also contains small amounts of natural plant compounds that give it antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Is Ziziphus honey used to enhance sports performance and energy?

The high natural sugars in Ziziphus honey, such as fructose and glucose, provide quick energy to the body. Its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants also promote overall health and enhance physical performance.

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