Thistle Honey 475g


Al-Tajy Honey Company offers its unique product of thorn honey, extracted from the flowers of the camel thorn plant that is widespread around Al-Tajy Honey’s beehives.

  • It is beneficial for jaundice, and liver and kidney diseases,
  • and it also acts as a stimulant for the pancreas,
  • It is useful for diabetes patients.
Categories: Turkish honey
Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions16 cm

Al-Tayi International Honey Company offers its unique and globally renowned product Thistle Honey, which undergoes all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure its quality and absence of insecticide residues, in compliance with the highest international standards. Additionally, the product has obtained ISO certification for quality. Al-Tajy International Honey Company provides a wide range of raw Turkish honey and organic honey.

Turkish Thistle Honey, camel thorn honey, and ground thistle honey are filtered from the bee cells that feed on wild meadows in the province of Fonia, Turkey, which contain wild camel thorn and thistle plants.

Camel thorn and ground thistle herbs are known as friends of the liver, and they are perennial thorny herbs. Camel thorns have reddish-colored flowers, while thistle flowers are purple, and they bloom in the spring. Turkish Thistle Honey, camel thorn honey, and ground thistle honey are known for their significant benefits, including:

  • Treating jaundice
  • Treating liver and kidney diseases
  • Assisting in the removal of gallstones
  • Acting as a pancreas stimulant, making it useful for diabetes patients

It is not recommended to feed children under one year of age, and individuals with allergies are advised against consumption.

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