Zallouh Honey 475g – Wooden Packaging

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Tajy Honey Company presents its exceptional product, Zallouh Honey,  extracted from the blossoms of the Zallouh flower in the vicinity of Tajy Honey’s beehives located in the Taurus Mountains. This is the only region in Turkey where the Zallouh flower grows.

  • This product is made from honey produced by bees that feed on Zallouh flower blossoms.
  • It is 100% natural honey.
Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions16 cm

Tajy, Honey International Company, offers its exceptional product, Zallouh Honey, subjected to all necessary laboratory analyses to ensure its quality. It is free from insecticide residues and medicinal residues, in compliance with the highest international standards. Additionally, the product has obtained the ISO certification for quality. We offer a wide range of raw and organic Turkish honey.

Zallouh Honey is sourced from the Zallouh plant, which is native to the Middle East and is found in a specific region in Turkey, the Taurus Mountains.

Benefits of Zallouh Honey

  • Zallouh Honey is known for its natural aphrodisiac properties, aiding in enhancing sexual desire and addressing sexual weakness effectively.
  • Unlike other Zallouh Honey products that mix Zallouh plant powder with various types of honey, our product is made from honey produced by bees that feed on Zilo plant flowers.
  • Zallouh Honey is considered one of the finest and purest honey types, as it is harvested from high altitudes away from agricultural areas and chemical pesticides. It is found only in the Taurus Mountains region of Turkey.
  • The unique effect of Zilo Honey on sexual health lies in its dual impact on maintaining natural testosterone levels in the body. It acts as a natural substance that prevents hormone degradation and preserves its natural levels in the body. Moreover, Zallouh Honey enhances blood flow to the male genitalia, promoting strong and lasting erections.
  • Zallouh Honey is one of the safest sexual enhancers for men, effectively addressing impotence and low libido.
  • It is not recommended for children under one year of age or individuals with allergies

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