Bitter Thorn Honey – 26 kg


Enjoy luxury and purity with Al-Taji’s 26 kg Bitter Thorn Honey.

  • 100% natural raw honey.

  • Subjected to all necessary laboratory analyses, ensuring natural honey is free from contaminants and chemical residues.

  • It is extracted from the finest varieties of thorn flowers in Turkey.

Bitter Thorn Honey 26 kg

Specifications Bitter Thorn Honey stands out for its high specifications and exceptional quality.

  • 26 kg is a generous amount of pure, natural honey.

  • Carefully extracted from the finest flowers and free of contaminants.

  • Certified by ISO.

Original Bitter Thorn Honey 26 kg in bulk

  • Gain exceptional benefits when purchasing Original Bitter Thorn Honey in bulk, weighing 26 kg. This quantity is ideal for restaurants and large institutions, ensuring purity and high quality.

Choose 26 kg Bitter Thorn Honey from Al-Tajy and benefit your food

Excel in food preparation with 26 kg of Al-Tay”s Original Bitter Thorn Honey. It will add a distinctive flavor and nutritional while being free of pollutants and chemicals.

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