Ziziphus Honey 26 kg


Al-Tajy Honey Company offers its unique product, Ziziphus honey, which is extracted from Ziziphus trees surrounding Al-Taji honey beehives. Some of its benefits include:

  1. Highly beneficial for treating colds.

  2. Calming for the nerves.

  3. It reduces throat inflammation and lowers fever.

Buying Ziziphus honey in bulk through Al-Tajy Company

Known for its benefits and importance, Ziziphus honey from Al-Tajy Company is magical for treating digestive and respiratory inflammations. It also regulates body temperature and keeps it within its natural limits. This makes it the first-choice treatment for viral diseases in the winter due to its quality and the great benefits of Ziziphus.

Advantages of buying a 26 kg Ziziphus honey container in Turkey

There are several advantages to buying a 26 kg Ziziphus honey container in Turkey:

  1. Free and fast delivery within Turkey.

  2. It saves you a lot compared to buying Ziziphus honey separately.

  3. Original Ziziphus honey through Al-Taji Company is an excellent alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs and fever reducers, as you can use a 26 kg container for the whole family.

  4. Ziziphus honey is one of the most delicious honey types, making it a unique addition to desserts or hot winter drinks.

  5. If you want the most nutritious food for your child over one year old, a 26 kg Ziziphus honey container is suitable for incorporating honey into all their meals.

Ziziphus honey is subjected to all laboratory tests:

Original Ziziphus honey from Al-Tajy Company is one of the best honey types due to its high quality. It is also certified with the international ISO certificate, which attests to its quality and purity, free from impurities such as medicinal residues and more.

Shop Ziziphus honey in bulk in Turkey:

Shop for Ziziphus honey in bulk in Turkey through Al-Tajy Company, which produces high-quality honey at an economical price. Our store also offers fast and free shipping within Turkey when your bill exceeds 400 Turkish Liras.

Get a 26 kg honey container and enjoy the original flavor and natural remedy throughout the winter.

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