Oak Honey – 26 kg


Enjoy an unforgettable experience with Al-Taji’s original 26 kg of Oak Honey.

  • Carefully extracted from pure oak trees.

  • 100% natural raw honey.

  • Subjected to comprehensive laboratory analyses to ensure it is free from contaminants.

Specifications and Benefits of 26 kg of Oak Honey

  • 100% natural and raw

  • Free of pollutants and chemical substances

  • Rich in minerals and vitamins

  • It enhances overall health and strengthens the immune system

Original 26 kg Oak Honey in Bulk

Get high quality and numerous health benefits with Original Oak Honey in bulk, weighing 26 kg. It’s suitable for institutions and individuals seeking exceptional flavor and unmatched quality.

Choose 26 kg Oak Honey from Al-Tajy Honey and add benefits to your food

Add excellence to your meals with Al-Tajy’s 26 kg oak honey. It imparts a beautiful flavor and enhances the nutritional value of your foods while maintaining purity and health.

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