Sunflower Honey 26 kg


Tajy Company in Turkey is a leader in honey production. Their sunflower honey, extracted from natural sunflower blossoms, has a beautiful flavor and high nutritional value.

  • It benefits blood vessels.
  • It benefits kidney patients.
  • And it is crucial for those suffering from poor circulation

Sunflower Honey 26 kg – Tajy Company

Tajy collects sunflower honey from various regions in Turkey where bees thrive in a rich natural environment. This ensures a unique array of exceptional therapeutic health benefits.

Benefits of Purchasing a 26 kg Tank of Sunflower Honey in Turkey

  • If you prefer light honey with a simple viscosity, purchase a 26 kg tank of sunflower honey and keep your favorite honey for a long time.

  • Gift your parents a 26 kg honey tank, especially if they have heart, lung, or kidney issues.

  • Honey maintains its texture and doesn’t spoil if stored correctly. Therefore, buying a 26 kg tank of sunflower honey eliminates searching for this rare honey.

What are the Benefits of Sunflower Honey?

  • Rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties, it helps fight infections and promote healing.

  • Used to alleviate respiratory and throat infections.

  • Treats coughs and throat inflammation.

  • It enhances overall health and protects the body from diseases.

  • Beneficial for improving heart and vascular health.

  • Possess nerve-soothing properties and can reduce stress levels and improve sleep.

  • Used in various natural skincare and haircare recipes.

  • Turkish honey is used to treat lung diseases.

  • Eases digestive problems like acidity and bloating.

  • Natural sources of energy and sugars.

  • It helps increase energy levels in the body.

Sunflower Honey from Tajy Undergoes All Laboratory Tests

Tajy’s sunflower honey undergoes all necessary laboratory tests, confirming:

  • It is free from impurities, making it pure honey.

  • Tajy’s sunflower honey contains no medicinal residues.

  • It is free of pesticides.

  • It meets all global specifications, making it an ideal honey.

  • Tajy’s sunflower honey is ISO-certified

Buy sunflower honey wholesale in Turkey

Shop Sunflower honey from Tajy Company and enjoy limited discounts and offers. Additionally, you can benefit from free shipping within Turkey when your order reaches 400 Turkish Liras or more.

Order original sunflower honey in bulk from Tajy Company and address lung-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are sunflower honey’s storage and preservation methods?

To properly store and preserve sunflower honey:

  1. Use airtight glass or plastic containers.

  2. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  3. Avoid contact with water and moisture.

  4. Seal the container tightly after each use.

  5. Avoid using a wet spoon while using it.

  6. If it crystallizes, gently heat it in a warm water bath.

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