Multiflower Honey 26kg


Al-Tajy Honey Company offers its special product, Multiflower Honey, which is a blend of all the honey produced by Al-Tajy’s apiaries.

  • Nourishes the immune system.
  • Rich in all types of vitamins due to the diversity of its floral sources.
  • A very suitable choice for the table due to its delicious taste.

Original Floral Blend Honey by Al-Tajy Company

Strengthen your immunity and taste one of the most delicious types of honey by ordering the Original Floral Blend Honey from Al-Tajy Company.

Al-Tajy Company in Turkey offers its product, the Original Floral Blend Honey, in a large size of 26 kilograms. This honey is made from the finest types of flowers and is free from any additives, traces of insecticides, or medicinal residues. It is 100% natural honey.

Features of Purchasing 26kg Floral Blend Honey Tin in Turkey

The 26kg Floral Blend Honey, carefully made by Al-Taji Company, has features that make it the perfect choice for your table. Its features include:

  • The Original Floral Blend Honey comes in a large size of 26 kilograms.
  • Honey that meets international standards and has ISO certification.
  • Floral Blend Honey from Al-Taji is free from chemical substances or medicinal residues.
  • Turkish honey contains high nutritional values.
  • This honey is distinguished by its unique texture and wonderful taste, which differs from all other types of honey.
  • Contains important salts, minerals, and vitamins needed by the body.
  • The Original Floral Blend Honey is 100% natural.

Original Multiflower Honey Subjected to Laboratory Analyses

The Original Floral Blend Honey from Al-Tajy Company is one of the best types of natural honey, with a laboratory certificate confirming that it is 100% natural honey, free from any additives or traces of insecticides and medicinal residues.

Shop Wholesale Multiflower Honey in Turkey

Shop from Al-Taji Company in Turkey for Multiflower Honey at wholesale prices, carefully packaged in a 26kg tin. You can order the product via the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the screen or by adding the product to the basket.

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