Ajram Honey 26 kg


At Tajy, we gather Ajram Flower Honey from different regions of Turkey, where bees live in a pure environment rich in natural plants. This provides you with a rich array of benefits, including:

  1. Improves blood vessel flexibility.

  2. Alleviates coughs and discomfort associated with swallowing difficulties.

  3. Provide the body with natural sugar for energy.

Choose a healthy lifestyle from nature and rejuvenate with Ajram Honey from Turkey.

Ajram Honey Wholesale through Tajy

Tajy is known worldwide for producing genuine raw honey from natural sources across Turkish lands. Tajy pays meticulous attention to the details of its products, and Ajram Honey is one of its distinguished products with its therapeutic properties and nutritional benefits, extracted from the blossoms of Ajram shrubs in its apiaries, where the environment is healthy.

Benefits of purchasing a 26 kg barrel of Ajram Honey in Turkey:

  1. Abundance: You always have genuine Ajram Honey available at all times.

  2. Quality assurance: You can pre-select your choice when purchasing Ajram Honey without searching for other varieties.

  3. Cost savings: Buying a 26 kg barrel of honey saves you a lot compared to buying a small amount.

  4. Alternative medicine: Tajy’s Ajram Honey is a nutritional supplement with many therapeutic capabilities.

Benefits of Ajram Honey:

  • Improves blood vessel elasticity.

  • Relieves cough and swallowing difficulties.

  • Provides natural sugar for energy.

  • Enhances brain and memory functions.

  • Promotes digestion and weight management.

  • It boosts the immune system and increases the body’s resistance to diseases.

  • Effective treatment for throat inflammation and irritation.

  • Possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties.

  • It soothes the digestive system and improves its functions.

  • It enhances skin health and alleviates skin issues.

However, remember:

  • Avoid Ajram Honey if you have an allergy to honey or experience allergic symptoms like skin rashes or difficulty breathing.

  • Not recommended for infants under one year.

Ajram Honey by Tajy undergoes all laboratory tests

Genuine Ajram Honey from Tajy is one of the most highly regarded types of honey that undergoes laboratory tests. Its international ISO certification and freedom distinguish it from medicinal residues or pesticides.

Shop for Ajram Honey wholesale in Turkey

Shop for Ajram Honey wholesale in Turkey through Tajy, known for its precise product delivery schedules and free shipping feature within Turkey when your invoice reaches 400 Turkish Liras or more.

Order a barrel of Ajram Honey from Tajy’s store and rid your body of health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ajram Honey treat digestive problems?

Ajram Honey contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the digestive system. Ajram Flower Honey also treats common digestive problems such as gastric ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders.

Can Ajram Honey improve sports performance and energy?

Ajram Honey is a natural source of sugars with high nutritional value. These sugars, such as glucose and fructose, are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing rapid muscle energy. These sugars can be used as fuel for the body during physical exercise.

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